5 Dog Instagram Profiles To Watch In 2017

I don't know about you, but it's no longer just Kanye West & Kim Kardashian that are taking over our phones. 

This Wild Idea

It's no longer people who are taking over our leisure time on Social Media. 

It's man's best friend. That four legged, barking and licking companion who will do anything to spend a little bit of time with you. 

Yep, it's your dog and he's definitely got more followers than you. But hey, who can blame him? He's cute, always smiling, and people are always excited to see him! 

With #dog being the 51st most popular hashtag on Instagram, you're bound to come across something in your feed. 

Here, at Owen & Edwin, we've hand picked the Top 5 Profiles for you to watch this 2017. We know a thing or two about beautiful dogs and dog coats, so you oughta trust our judgement (right?)! 

1. Tom + Captain (@tomandcaptain

Tom & Captain

This Dog and owner tag-team, Tom and Captain the Weimaraner, will make you quit your job. Immediately.

Together they run Tom + Captain Dog Adventures. This awesome business enables dogs to play all day long in Melbourne, Australia. This all happens whilst your at the office reading dog blogs (of course). 

On top of that, Captain occasionally pulls on his finest wears to model for Owen & Edwin (he's a good looking boy)! Check him out below!

Captain wearing the London Blazer


2. Steph & The Pointer Brothers (@ifitwags

Travis the GSP from the @ifitwags instagram profile

With 240,000 followers, this dream boat profile will warm your heart. 

Gus the GSP

At the heart of the profile are two rescue gun dogs, Alfie the Vizsla and Gus the German Shorthaired Pointer. They're best friends, and they have the most amazing adventures together! 

Alfie the Vizsla

Between family, forests, and rescue dogs, it has some of the most beautiful photography on Instagram. It's relatable, and you'll love it.



3. This Wild Idea (@thiswildidea)

Maddie the Coonhound

Theron Humphrey, or as we like to call him 'The Creative and the Coonhound' has given us much delight this year. 

He and his best friend, Maddie the Coonhound, spend inconceivable amounts of time together. Best of all, it's captured beautifully for us to see. 

If you didn't know already, Theron is kinda a big deal already. Check out his website and you will be blow away.

4. Bronson the Vizsla (@bronsonvizsla)

Bronson the Vizsla

This character, Bronson the Hungarian Vizsla, has plenty more character than most Hollywood A-Listers.

With a face like that, who can't expect him to be up to no good? 

With friends like Aria the Bullmastiff Cross and Bentley the Pointer, there's plenty to see. These three know a thing or two about dress ups, pool parties and having a good time. Why don't you join them? 

Bronson & Bentley

5. Whiskey the Vizsla (@whiskeymygirl)

Whiskey and her Daddy!

With a name like Whiskey, we assure you that she'll warm your heart. Whiskey is the loved child of Red Bark Photography, and once you get to her page you'll know why!

Whiskey hits up the highest mountains and the quietest and most picturesque national parks.

Not only that, Whiskey and her parents look like they live a life revolving around her needs and desires. 

Whiskey saying hello!

We love that. 

BONUS PROFILE - Sassy the Vizsla (@sassythevizsla)

Sassy and her best friend, Chloe!

Now, we couldn't write an Instagram blog post without mentioning our own Company Dog. 

Sassy, as her name indicates, is a Vizsla with plenty of attitude and a lover of puppacinos.

Not only that, she considers herself to be a bit of a fashionista these days. Amongst sniffing around the backyard, she models for Owen & Edwin - The Worlds Leading Luxury Big Dog Brand.

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