How did Owen & Edwin happen?

The Owen & Edwin Story

On a cold and wet August night in 2015, a great friend and I were sitting down over a few drinks at the family home on the Great Ocean Road being bitter about everything. We were bitter about our jobs, our relationships, the other friends who didn't show up, the weather....Everything! 

In the middle of my rant, Sassy - the family Vizsla - decided to walk into the conversation in her less-than-desirable dog jacket. In this state I was appalled by the lack of style, the lack of craftsmanship and complete lack of congruency between her beauty and her dog coat. 

Then like a flash of lightning, I was struck by the idea of designing and crafting the finest dog coats in the world. But like all good things, our business didn't just pop up over night. 

After two months mulling over the idea, my mother and I decided to go about developing a prototype for Sassy to wear on her walks. We discussed and poured our blood, sweat and tears into the design. We perilously checked over every single detail from fabric testing and durability right down to eyelet diameter and material selection. We came up with the idea that a dog coat shall not be called a coat because a dog has a natural coat of hair. We also decided that it shall not be called a jacket as jackets are conventionally worn fastened by zip the waist. From here, with our non-restrictive open design, the Dog Blazer was born. 

It was in only in the middle of 2016 that we truly had a chance to test out our designs. On her walks, she was often complimented and people loved her lovely dog coats. With the praise and compliments we received and an entrepreneurial spirit burning within us, we decided to take the plunge and turn our little dream into a reality. 

This grew into a label, a dedicated design team and unique handcrafted products that represent who we are and our best friend's personality. 

Through our Australian approach, artisan team of craftsmen and our relentless pursuit for the finest fabrics and fittings, we are positioned as a canine label that's here to make a difference. 

We do this by creating and delivering the finest apparel around the world for dogs and their owners. 

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