#O&EStories - The Sydney Blazer - Where the City meets the Surf

Little over 240 years ago, Captain James Cook first landed on the southern bank of Botany Bay in a land that would become Australia. In 1778 north of the landing site, the British developed the first penal colony in Australia and named her Sydney. Then, in 1842, she became the pearl of the great southern land, being labelled Australia’s first city. Her colourful past has included a gold rush, severe depression and she was under attack in World War II by enemy forces. She is also the home of Australia most famous landmarks; The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

In her short yet lively history, Sydney and her lifestyle have left millions awe inspired and envious as she strikes the balance between city, surf, marvellous weather and culture. From the shores of Bondi down to Botany Bay and right throughout the eastern suburbs; she is full of vibrancy, wealth and abundance. She is a classy yet fun and she’s more than the place to be. 

Sydney Blazer Luxury Dog Coat Luxury Dog Jacket Owen & Edwin Luxury Dog Blazer Vizsla Weimaraner German Shorthaired Pointer GSP Dalmatian

Understanding her intimacies, we have created the Sydney Blazer which plays on her classy yet fun nature. By capturing the best of her heritage, her wonderful beaches and elegance, this fun piece is bound to be remembered wherever you go. 

Luxury Dog Jacket Handmade Australia Luxury Dog Blazer Owen & Edwin Handcrafted Leather Dog Jacket Vizsla Weimaraner German Shorthaired Pointer Dalmatian Bird dog Gun Dog

This handcrafted Blazer features our signature 100% cotton retro print outer, ensuring that your best friend is kept warm and elegant in the varied conditions. The Blazer is lined with one of our signature 100% cotton retro prints and is inserted with a 100% Australian Wool inner. These are hand-selected for unparalleled comfort enabling your best friend to breath as the weather fluctuates. The blazer features the finest leather sourced from New Zealand tanneries that strike the perfect balance between class, comfort and durability. In addition to the above, solid fittings sourced from both the United Kingdom and the United States have been carefully hand selected and used to give the Blazer it’s signature look and functional elegance. Lastly, our Blazers also make use of magnetic technology at the waist fastener to ensure that the tip of the belt stays flush when worn.

Luxury Dog Coat Owen & Edwin Jacket Dog Jacket Luxury Dog Blazer Sydney Blazer German Shorthaired Pointer Vizsla Weimaraner Dalmatian Rhodesian Ridgeback

This wonderful blazer is perfect for your remarkable best friend who is both elegant, timeless and a little cheeky. Designed for the conditions which Sydney presents, the Blazer is a delight for your morning walks, your outings and is irresistible to those who see you. Own yours today, and ensure that your best friend is abundant, remarkable and vibrant just like you.

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