#OandEStories - The London Blazer - The Story behind the Iconic Luxury Dog Blazer

London, a city that never sleeps. She is at the heart of British royalty, a museum of monuments, and she just oozes with dapper style like no other city in the world. She has been at the heart of countless Bond Films, and her heritage has stretched far beyond the days of Fred Astaire. 

Luxury Dog Coat Dog Blazer London Blazer Owen & Edwin Pet Dog Fashion

In the words of George Gershwin, a foggy day in London town can have even the happiest soul a little down and dreary. Through the pea soup fog, we have decided to capture the intimately British style heralding from both preparatory schools and British designers to give all owners something to smile about. From the land of corduroy and tweed, we have handcrafted an extremely limited and elegant Blazer making it the envy of all dog owners. 

Luxury Dog Coat Dog Blazer London Blazer Owen & Edwin Pet Dog Fashion

Whilst passing Big Ben, crossing London Bridge or day-tripping to Brighton, you are bound to be noticed and complimented with our London Blazer. This piece is a testament to our pursuit to create the finest canine outerwear in the world by delivering beyond all expectations in quality, design and character. 

Luxury Dog Coat Dog Blazer London Blazer Owen & Edwin Pet Dog Fashion

This handcrafted Blazer features a vibrant, stylish and rugged corduroy outer, ensuring that your best friend is kept warm and protected from the elements. The Blazer is lined with one of our signature 100% cotton retro prints and is inserted with a 100% Australian Wool inner. These are hand-selected for unparalleled comfort enabling your best friend to breath as the weather fluctuates. The blazer features the finest leather sourced from New Zealand tanneries that strikes the perfect balance between class, comfort and durability. In addition to the above, solid fittings sourced from both the United Kingdom and the United States have been carefully hand selected and used to give the Blazer it’s signature look and functional elegance. Lastly, our Blazers also make use of magnetic technology at the waist fastener to ensure that the tip of the belt stays flush when worn. 

Luxury Dog Coat Dog Blazer London Blazer Owen & Edwin Pet Dog Fashion Tom and Captain Tom + Captain

This wonderful blazer is perfect for your remarkable best friend who wishes to pay tribute to the motherland and be noticed in the process. Perfect for all occasions including your morning walks, out at the shops, and perfect for Fall, Winter & Spring. Own yours today, and know that your best friend is irresistibly divine just like you.

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