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#OandEStories - The London Blazer - The Story behind the Iconic Luxury Dog Blazer

London, a city that never sleeps. She is at the heart of British royalty, a museum of monuments, and she just oozes with dapper style like no other city in the world. She has been at the heart of countless Bond Films, and her heritage has stretched far beyond the days of Fred Astaire.  In the words of George Gershwin, a foggy day in London town can have even the happiest soul a little down and dreary. Through the pea soup fog, we have decided to capture the intimately British style heralding from both preparatory schools and British designers to give all owners something to smile about. From the land of corduroy and tweed, we have handcrafted an extremely limited...

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Doesn't your best friend say a lot about you?

Wherever you and your best friend go, it's only natural that what people perceive is the truth.  55% of our communication is non-verbal, and this is why first impressions are critical. Onlookers perceive the emotions, posture, and presentation of you and your best friend. Isn't it funny how we then deduce their life stories? It's a blessing for us dog fanatics because we know we can tell a lot by the way they behave around their master. Knowing this, you can often deduce a man's approach to life and their own personal style.  Style is more than the clothes you wear and the car you drive. You cannot buy it, steal it or borrow it. Style is part of your everyday living. In fact, you have...

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The 3 Big Don'ts of Style & Fashion for You and Your Best Friend

Ignore these words at your peril... Would you agree with us that you dress the way you are as this is a representation of you? Can tell a lot about a man by the way his best friend, his loyal dog, behaves? We at Owen & Edwin don't want you to become yet another fashion victim. Everywhere you go and look, there are some serious crimes taking place right now. At networking events, wineries, cafes, dog parks, restaurants, vets....the list goes on!  We forget, all too often, that we represent ourselves from the inside out. We fail to respect our best friend's appearance as the mornings and evenings become mild.  You and your best friend are a winning team, and we want it...

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Make every step count

As the weather cools in the north and begins to thaw in the south, we understand the challenges of being the best friend to your best friend. We encourage you to spend quality time with your Vizsla, German Shorthaired Pointer, Weimaraner, English Pointer, or whatever your best friend may be.  As we go on this designer journey together; we wish to introduce you to our world of style, heritage, and leadership. Through integrity, generosity and commitment, we work day in and day out to become the quintessential designers and purveyors of upper-premium apparel for Pointers. We know, wholeheartedly, that it's been far too long for our breed to be served effectively. We have been disenchanted by the current and past apparel...

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7 Habits of the Highly Effective Dog Owner

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