#tastetesting - Huds And Toke Dog Treats

One of the things that we love about our business is that man's best friend truly brings people of all walks of life together within a single industry.

Our industry brings together craftspeople, designers, vets, distributors, salespeople, engineers, and people escaping their corporate life to spend more time with their best friend. 

There is one business, which we would love to mention, that truly caught our attention which is also based on the Sunshine Coast. Best of all, this quirky yet tasty business was put through it's paces by Sassy the Vizsla and Lily the Boxer! 

#Tastetesting - Huds And Toke Dog Treats

We stepped away from our usual duties of creating the finest luxury dog apparel in the world (Sassy was more than happy for the break) and let Sassy critique one of the cutest dog treats we have ever seen. 

Sassy & her Huds And Toke Dog Treat

 Huds and Toke have produced some of the finest, most innovative pet products in the world. Their innovative techniques have enabled them to create icings that don't melt in summer, whilst remaining natural and delicious for your dog. Not only have they mastered the dog treat, they also have cat, horse and small animal treats (chooks included)! 

The Taste Test

So Sassy and her friendly assistant, Lily the Boxer, shared the Doggy Frosted Bone. Within three seconds of unwrapping the treat, both dogs appeared from nowhere at attention (as seen in the photos).

Huds And Toke - Lily the Boxer - Luxury Dog Apparel - Owen & Edwin

After dividing the biscuit between the two girls, the biscuit was enthusiastically eaten and enjoyed! The treats were neither consumed too quickly nor too difficult to eat, even for Lily who is still a puppy. 

Did the girls love them? You bet!

The smooth texture and pleasant smell for both humans and dogs makes this product a sound choice for the sensitive owner. Would we recommend them to for your big dog? Absolutely! Check out their range here and let your best friend taste the difference in a world of luxury dog goods!

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