Thank you, Sunshine Coast, it's been wonderful!

As many of our dear followers, subscribers, customers and friends would know; we are bidding farewell to the Sunshine Coast.

In fact, we are relocating to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and we are setting up shop in Torquay! 

However, we cannot say that if it wasn't for the Sunshine Coast that we wouldn't exist today. 

If it wasn't for the Sunshine Coast, this wonderful film would have never been shot on Hastings Street in beautiful Noosa.

If it wasn't for the Sunshine Coast, we wouldn't have fostered the most beautiful relationships with the Vizsla and Gun-Dog communities. 

If it wasn't for the Sunshine Coast, I would never have been involved with Spark Bureau as a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem that the Sunshine Coast adores. 

If it wasn't for the Sunshine Coast, I (Dean, the founder of Owen & Edwin) would never have met my business mentor who encouraged me to live my dreams and build a business which moves you from within.

In fact, I'd be more than likely to have stayed an Engineer (and that's nowhere near as fun as a crazy dog man)!

Starting something that means something to you is never an easy task, and it's paramount that when you start out on your own that you have the appropriate support in your surroundings to make your dream a reality. 

Especially when you're handcrafting (yes, I make these things myself) Luxury Dog Products and shipping them around the world with every cat and dog telling you that it's not even possible. 

Thus, I'd love to personally thank the following people:

- Lorna Willis, my business mentor and close friend
- Zac Johnson, Jess Thoms and Maddy at Spark Bureau x Xandra Labs for the support and Social Media Advice
- Russell & Emma Gibbons from Huds & Toke for the support, advice and strategic alliances that we have formed in such a short yet wonderful time
- Branden Bodman for the tremendous videography (you're rad dude!)
- 7 News Sunshine Coast for covering our business
- The Sunshine Coast Daily for covering our business
- The Team at Sunshine Coast Mindset Mastery for sharing brilliant ideas and strategies for life, entrepreneurship and personal development

And the rest, you know who you are, thank you!

Talk Soon!

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