The 3 Big Don'ts of Style & Fashion for You and Your Best Friend

Ignore these words at your peril...

Would you agree with us that you dress the way you are as this is a representation of you?

Can tell a lot about a man by the way his best friend, his loyal dog, behaves? 

We at Owen & Edwin don't want you to become yet another fashion victim.

Everywhere you go and look, there are some serious crimes taking place right now. At networking events, wineries, cafes, dog parks, restaurants, vets....the list goes on! 

We forget, all too often, that we represent ourselves from the inside out. We fail to respect our best friend's appearance as the mornings and evenings become mild. 

You and your best friend are a winning team, and we want it to stay that way. 

Because of this, here's our 3 Big Don'ts to ensure you and your best friend are always on point.

Don't #1 - Dark brown dog & black leather, or black dog & dark brown leather.

I know, we have all been guilty of this one once before! But, that's all OK because you have the power to fix that :) ! When we have two colours which are too close to each other, they clash! And, when they clash, we get sore eyes and we immediately think that something isn't right.

Solution - Look for striking contrasts and complementary colour sets.

When purchasing our blazers, we recommend your best friends colour pairs with the leather. 

Don't #2 - Both you and your dog are "making a statement".

Did someone turn the volume up to 11 or are your eyes burning!?!? Another stinker we see (most often in young ladies) is their best friend dressed just like them. Some of the time this is OK. BUT when you're both wearing blinding and bright outfits, you're committing a crime.  

Solution - It's one or the other, Baby! It's either you or your best friend!

We recommend you and your best friend agree that one of you gets to steal the show. We recommend our Rome or Sydney blazer accompanies an owner dressed in minimalistic pieces. With our London or Melbourne blazers, owners have greater freedom of expression! 

Don't #3 - Both you and your dog are completely mismatched

There's something very fishy about this. This is the ultimate faux pas. Who has seen their friends dog in an Aligator costume? How do you think the dog feels? Or a more relevant example is seeing a mid-20s couple in their fresh Nike get up walking their dog. Unfortunately for the dog, he's wearing a hoodie! This is just not acceptable. 

Solution - Congruency is the answer. Think "If I were my best friend, Fido, would I want to be wearing this Aligator costume?"

Just have a think... If you were him, wouldn't you want to dress just like you? Ensure your best friend attends to cafes and evening walks in his finest attire. 

We hope this all helps! Stay beautiful, friends! 

Owen & Edwin


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