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We did something a little Doggy Luxury this Valentines Day

Yep, we're cute.  Like really cute. Here at Owen & Edwin, we are a bunch of gun dog loving hopeless romantics that get suckered into doing lovely things for the ones we love. Well, that might not be everyone on the team but it's definitely me, Dean the Founder!  It's funny though, that none of our Valentines cuteness came from our Dog Blazers, Jackets, Products or even our philosophy. It came from infinite intelligence, a little creativity and a trip to the nearest textiles and fabrics store. Oh, and did I mention, we kinda borrowed our CEO, Sassy the Vizsla, for the sneaky little surprise I managed to pull off for the Woman in my life (you'll meet her soon...

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Why should you invest in your dog (and we might be able to help)?

Think about this for a moment... When you've had a hard day, when the kids are stressing you out, when nothing seems to be going your way; your dog is always there for you.  They listen, they love, and they get you through those tough times and they heighten the greatest times. But it's not just once or twice, it's nearly forever.  On average, your dog will live between 10-13 years so that's a lot of comforting licks and snuggles! BUT, if you're crazy enough to read this article you're more than likely to treat your dog better than the average owner (and get even more years out of your best friend). Kinda like this guy below..... See, if you're crazy...

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We're in, and we're on the Great Ocean Road

It's official. We've moved our business from the Sunshine Coast all the way down to Surfcoast of Victoria. We're now in Torquay, and we are more geared up than ever for an ever fantastic 2017. And oh boy, do we have some exciting things happening this year for you, our lovely friends and family! For those who aren't totally familiar with Torquay and the Great Ocean Road area, it is considered one of the quintessential dog areas in all of Australia. With golden beaches, cafes galore and friendly locals, it serves as the ultimate location for families and dog owners alike to live life to the fullest. Unlike the Sunshine Coast which is based in Queensland, Victorian's know better when...

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Thank you, Sunshine Coast, it's been wonderful!

As many of our dear followers, subscribers, customers and friends would know; we are bidding farewell to the Sunshine Coast. In fact, we are relocating to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and we are setting up shop in Torquay!  However, we cannot say that if it wasn't for the Sunshine Coast that we wouldn't exist today.  If it wasn't for the Sunshine Coast, this wonderful film would have never been shot on Hastings Street in beautiful Noosa. If it wasn't for the Sunshine Coast, we wouldn't have fostered the most beautiful relationships with the Vizsla and Gun-Dog communities.  If it wasn't for the Sunshine Coast, I would never have been involved with Spark Bureau as a part of the entrepreneurial...

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5 Dog Instagram Profiles To Watch In 2017

I don't know about you, but it's no longer just Kanye West & Kim Kardashian that are taking over our phones.  It's no longer people who are taking over our leisure time on Social Media.  It's man's best friend. That four legged, barking and licking companion who will do anything to spend a little bit of time with you.  Yep, it's your dog and he's definitely got more followers than you. But hey, who can blame him? He's cute, always smiling, and people are always excited to see him!  With #dog being the 51st most popular hashtag on Instagram, you're bound to come across something in your feed.  Here, at Owen & Edwin, we've hand picked the Top 5 Profiles for...

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7 Habits of the Highly Effective Dog Owner

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