Why should you invest in your dog (and we might be able to help)?

Think about this for a moment...

When you've had a hard day, when the kids are stressing you out, when nothing seems to be going your way; your dog is always there for you. 

They listen, they love, and they get you through those tough times and they heighten the greatest times. But it's not just once or twice, it's nearly forever. 

On average, your dog will live between 10-13 years so that's a lot of comforting licks and snuggles!

BUT, if you're crazy enough to read this article you're more than likely to treat your dog better than the average owner (and get even more years out of your best friend). Kinda like this guy below.....

See, if you're crazy enough to read this article, I'm sure you'll agree with us that....

Your dog deserves only the best.

Owen & Edwin - Luxury Dog Blazer - Melbourne - Dog Coat - Australian Made - Luxury Dog Jacket

And we mean the best, because that word gets thrown around a lot. 

See, every customer that sports our Blazers and products agree, that you should only spend once and spend wisely. That's why we create the world's finest Dog Coat, Jacket or as we like to call it, "Dog Blazer".

See, here's the thing...

Your Dog is an extension of who you are, and you're both remarkable!

Sassy the Vizsla - Dog Jacket - Rome Blazer - Luxury Dog Coat - Dog Blazer - Owen & Edwin - Australian Made

With good looks like your dog, who couldn't say you deserved anything less than remarkable. See, you care about what your best friend does, sees and looks like wherever you go. So, with you in mind, we developed the finest designs for someone remarkable like you! And....

We've handpicked the finest leather, fabric & technology the dog world has ever seen!

Captain Weimaraner - Owen & Edwin - London Blazer - Beach - Dog Jacket  - Dog Coat - Vizsla

I know, another crazy statement, but check out our product reviews. With New Zealand Sourced Leather and Hardware from the USA/UK, the fastening technology is bound to make a statement. Along gorgeous corduroy, cotton and wool, your best friend is just left to the most comfortable experience when the weather turns sour. 

And they're handcrafted in Australia!

Owen & Edwin - Luxury Dog Apparel - Australian Made - Dog Jacket - Dog Coat

That's right, we don't operate like your standard pet business. We design and handcraft our entire product line here in Australia. We are 100% ethical in our production methods, and our staff are paid very generously (p.s. our dogs eat better than us). 

They will even last for a lifetime!

Sassy Vizsla - Owen & Edwin - Dog Jacket - Australian Made - Dog Blazer - London Blazer - Dog Coat - Luxury Dog

That's right, we're so committed to quality that if anything goes wrong with your blazer we will repair or replace it for free. But, that's not all...

If you don't love it in the first 60 days, return it and we'll refund you!

Sassy the Vizsla - Rome Blazer - Dog Coat - Dog Jacket - Owen & Edwin - Luxury Dog - Australian Made

Yep, we know how great our stuff is so we kinda want you to have that kinda piece of mind. Don't you think that's pretty nifty (especially when buying from the internet right?). 

So, what are you thinking? Are you buying for your dog or are you investing in your best friend this chilly season? I think you know what you'd rather be doing... ;)

With love and licks!
Dean and Sassy the Vizsla

P.s. Got a doggy question? Send me an email ;)

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