Why Buy From Us


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You're probably wondering who we are, and we couldn't agree more. 

We are an Australian Dog Label with a difference that go beyond the call of duty in the Pet Industry to deliver remarkable products.

It's all in the details. It's in the love evident in every single Dog Blazer, Collar, Leash and Accessory that we hand post to our customers. 

Before we launch into a video, here's three reasons why you'll do business with us forever:

1. You Won't Find Us Online Anywhere Else!

Owen & Edwin brand products can only be found and retailed by our website and our select retailers. We keep it this way so we maintain the Quality of Service & Deliverability expected by our most loyal customers. They're not customers, they're our family. 

2. Lifetime Manufacturer Warranties on Owen & Edwin Goods

For all our Blazers, Collars, Leashes (Leads) and handmade accessories; we guarantee the quality of all our products at the workshop for life, and if something goes wrong we're going to fix it. No ifs or buts. 

3. You Will Support A Small Business That Supports You

We aren't Petbarn, Petstock, Bestfriends or any of the big chains. We are a small business that operates from home, cafes and co-op spaces who are out there to establish one-on-one relationships. We are here to know you personally, your dogs name, and how we can improve the brand. 


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