Handmade in Australia

We are 100% Australian owned and we meticulously handcraft our Blazers in Hatton Vale, Australia.

We are the true believers in delivering high-quality products by engaging Australia's most experienced designers, craftsmen, metalworkers, and leatherworkers. We engage in ethical labour practices and will never take our business into sweat shops. 

The Blazer - It's more than meets the eye

Our staple line, the Owen & Edwin Blazers, have a unique and detailed process in their creation. Our philosophy is to blend the best of fashion, heritage, and style.  Through innovative and traditional handcrafted methods, we created the finest blazer in the world.  

It started with a dream

Velo fitted in The Sydney BlazerWe begin our story in 2015, where we acknowledged that there was no dog apparel congruent to the owners we are. We searched for a developed, sophisticated, and stylish piece we would be proud wearing. With nothing like it in the world, our vision was to create luxurious and limited blazers for a good cause. 

Our influences beyond the canine world

Ralph Lauren, himselfOur eclectic approach to design has been influenced by the greats. Our approach has come from cupping notes from the great luggage houses of France. Our use of leather from the infamous Italian leather houses. Our lifestyle integration elements from Ralph Lauren's early work. But, our attention to detail and innovation comes from the remarkable Walt Disney.

A design process like no other 

In a time where we computers rule the world, we go straight to our drawing boards to change the world. We design our concepts through the sheer simplicity of the pencil.

By respecting the heritage of design, we are unbound by technology and design formulas. This influence of technology and formulas has inhibited our competitors to innovate. Thus our designs are gorgeous, timeless and are like no other.

Our patterns are never left to a machine

Pattern MakingWith a loyal following of Pointers and sports dogs, we let no machine interfere with our patterns. They will always be hand created by the most talented and skilled pattern makers in Australia. Through feel and an artisan's eye, our Blazer is natural and tailored for your hounds. We wouldn't want it any other way.

An Australian masterpiece

Sassy wears The London BlazerOur staple piece is a testament to the Australian fashion industry and artisan creatives. We design our staple piece across The Great Ocean Road and The Sunshine Coast in Australia. We create our patterns with our talented artisans in Melbourne. We handcraft our products in our master workshop on the outskirts of Brisbane in Australia.

The pursuit of the finest blazer sent us worldwide

Whilst our blazer is handcrafted in Australia, our search for perfection is global. Our leather is some of the finest in the world. We hand select unique and flawless hides from New Zealand tanneries. We go where no dog product has gone before. Our fittings will always be solid, either brass or stainless steel. We use fittings from United Kingdom, United States and Australian metalworkers and retailers. Our perilous chase for the unique and quirky fabrics have made us famous. We hand select Australian retailers and producers of fabrics with industry experts. We do this as we know our staple is an investment for life.

Our leather is hand cut and hand stitched and it always will be

We empower our artisan craftsmen to express themselves through our work. With decades of experience, we hand cut and hand stitch leather for all blazers. We do this as this guarantees us with the finest quality known to man for his best friend. 

We like to be a little innovative too!

We love our handcrafted blazers and their unique design. Not only that, we sharpen our process in our pursuit of perfection. For the perfect blazer fit, we utilise the finest in 3D cutting and plotting technology. This happens when we cut our fabrics. That way, you receive the best of both worlds with consistent fitting across our range. Not only that, we also utilise magnets! We do this to ensure that our belt tips maintain pressed against our leatherwork. 

 Fastening a coat has never been better

We are meticulous owners just like you and for that reason, we will never use velcro. Our blazer will always utilise a belt to achieve the best fit for your best friend. With a belt, you will always have the correct pressure and it will never come undone. Not only that, the belt system maintains the beautiful lines of our blazers.



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