Complimentary shipping for our Australian Best Friends!

Hey guys! 

Sassy the Vizsla has been gnawing at the legs of the Postman ever since we have been open. 

She's been trying and trying and trying to make a difference..... 

You wouldn't believe it. She's finally made it happen!

Yes, that's right......


We are so proud to offer this to our lucky Pointer owners. In fact, we have two levels of shipping for all kinds of patient pooches:
  1. Free Standard Shipping Australia Wide (3-10 Business Days); and
  2. Express Postage (Overnight - 2 Business Day) Postage for as little as $15.00 

Not only are we looking after our local best friends, we have also negotiated a great deal for our international pooches too! We are proud to announce that we now offer $15.00 flat-rate international shipping! 

It's never been a better time for you to become part of our family. With Spring and Fall in full swing and with Christmas right around the corner, don't you think it's time you treat your best friend to something special?  SHOP NOW

Have an amazing Tuesday!

Owen & Edwin


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