🔥 [CONTROVERSIAL] ❄️Should you use your Dog in your dating profile?


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Well, here's an elephant in every room with more than ten people in it...

Well, we've been told that anyway. 

According to recent research, there are over 54 Million people in the United States who are single and there have been over 49 Million people try online dating in the United States too. That means, in turn, that nearly 1 in 6 people in the states have tried either RSVP, Tinder, Grindrr, Bumble, Plenty of Fish or one of the many apps available to find love.

With so many looking for love (and I can speak from personal experience), people will often go to strange lengths to increase the likelihood of success in the online dating world.

And besides, who wouldn't? Love's the best experience of them all. 

What has us startled, however, are  the underground tactics of the dating world in order to increase the likelihood of a match [Swipe Right 🔥].

Popular tactics people partake in include falsifying their professions (I once was a "Dolphin Trainer" 🐬), pose in front of cars not belonging to them (silly right?), write a biography to appeal to the other sex which is the opposite of who they really are plus more. 

Most interestingly, people will often weaponise their four-legged best friend (or even borrow their friends dog) to increase their chances. And, well if you can understand at Owen & Edwin HQ, this poses a few questions for us.

Here's a few things you might need to consider...

Before you get right into using Fido in your search for love. you'll need to ask yourself the following:

1. Am I here for Love or am I here to manipulate, use and play the game?

If you're borrowing your best mate for a polaroid picture, what's your motif. If you're genuinely on a platform like Tinder for love, it's more than OK to increase your chances. However, if you're preying on the naive, take your doggy snaps elsewhere. 

[EVEN WORSE] If you're there for the game and you don't even have a dog, NEVER (I repeat NEVER) borrow a dog for a photo and pretend it's your own. I've heard stories of friends being caught out. I'm sorry but if that's you, what comes around most certainly comes around. 

2. Is my dog a huge part of my life or is he or she a burden I tend to each evening?

When you think of your Online Profile like a Marketing piece, perception is truth. If your first photo is you and your dog, the viewer is often inclined to believe that your dog is a huge part of your life. If this is the case, go bananas! However, if they are not, wouldn't you be misleading others into believing otherwise? If this is the case, refrain from doing so. 

3. Am I here to attract another crazy dog person or just here for the laughs?

Whoever said opposites attract, they've got no idea. Like attracts like or who you aspire to become or be alike. When you present yourself to the world as a dog lover, expect to have other dog lovers take interest in you. So, if attracting a dog lover isn't your thing, I'd come up with something a little more creative that doesn't jeopardise your dog's life. 

Just remember whoever you share your love life with, your relationship with your best friend never falters. Because of this, I personally believe that they too must have a say determining whether this prospective love is the real McCoy or not.

What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear below.



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