#OandEStories - The Melbourne Blazer - Essential for your city-chic best friend

What is it about Melbourne that makes her the most liveable city in the world? Is it her rich culture? Her diversity and heritage? Her character-rich trams or the beautiful Yarra River? Or is it her fragrance of espresso and remarkable food wherever you go? 

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As legend has it, Melbourne is world renowned for having four seasons in a day. In Melbourne we often are greeted with damp, sombre mornings then are introduced to glorious sunshine and heat by morning tea. Come afternoon, the southerly breeze and cloud cover can force even the most resilient to their wood fires. And by the time the sun begins to fall, we depart the day with the sweet cool air and the most picturesque of sunsets. 

Whilst enduring such a diversity of conditions and seasons, the Melbourne canine and their owner must be resilient and ever-timeless in Australia’s fashion capital. By respecting her demanding heritage, we have come up with the finest and most timeless piece to date in her honour, the Melbourne Blazer. 

Luxury Dog Fashion Dog Brand Owen & Edwin Melbourne Blazer Dog Blazer Dog Jacket Australian Made Handcrafted

The Melbourne Blazer is so much more than a winter accessory, it’s the ultimate in canine outerwear for those who deserve the very finest in craftsmanship, quality and elegance. 

This handcrafted Blazer features a stylish yet rugged synthetic tweed outer, ensuring that your best friend is kept warm and protected from the elements. The Blazer is lined with one of our signature 100% cotton retro prints and is inserted with a 100% Australian Wool inner. These are hand-selected for unparalleled comfort enabling your best friend to breath as the weather fluctuates. The blazer features the finest leather sourced from New Zealand tanneries that strike the perfect balance between class, comfort and durability. In addition to the above, solid fittings sourced from both the United Kingdom and the United States have been carefully hand selected and used to give the Blazer it’s signature look and functional elegance. Lastly, our Blazers also make use of magnetic technology at the waist fastener to ensure that the tip of the belt stays flush when worn. 

Luxury Dog Coat Luxury Dog Jacket Melbourne Blazer Dog Blazer Owen & Edwin Handmade in Australia Dog Jacket Vizsla Pointer Weimaraner Dalmatian

This wonderful blazer is for your remarkable best friend who is flawless like you. Perfect for your morning walks, perfect to be seen whilst sipping your latte, and perfect for Fall, Winter & Spring. Own yours today, and know that your best friend is a cut above the rest.

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