Our Top 3 Tips to Love Your Best Friend This Christmas #festiveseason

Hasn't 2016 been such an incredible year? 

For some of us, it's been overwhelming. For others, it's been extremely exciting. And, for the rest of us, we finally made it!

The festive season is a time for family, for sharing, giving, loving, caring and receiving.

It's a time where you let your hair down, reconnect to what matters most, and prepare yourself for the new year ahead. 

However, in a time of abundance, your best best friend can often be overlooked amongst the busy social calendar and all that surrounds you.

We love happy, stylish, and comfortable dogs so we thought we would share with you our Top 3 Tips to Love Your Best Friend This Christmas.

So, here they are...

1. Make Time For Walks And Adventures

Let's face it. This time of year, our schedules are busier that ever.

Between organising the christmas turkey, gifts for the family, and putting the finishing touches on your christmas soiree...

Your best friend often doesn't quite get out as often as they like to.

Each week, decide on a non-negotiable time each day to take them on a stroll, to your favourite cafe, to the beach, to the park. Stick it in your iCalender, Google Calendar, or Daily Planner. Your best friend will love you! 

2. Watch Your Best Friend's Diet (And Table Manners)!

With such an abundance of Turkey, Ham, Seafood, Roast Vegetables, Salads, Eggnog, Wine, Beer; your dog will think they won the lottery!

With all this food, it's absolutely critical that you limit the amount of leftovers that you give to your dog. And, before you do, make sure you keep an eye to see what they're allowed to eat. 

Going into this season, we recommend that you limit the amount of "Table-Time" your best friend gets during your christmas dinner. P.s. watch out for their puppy dog eyes!

3. Protect Them From The Extreme Conditions

It doesn't matter whether you're under 5 feet of snow in Alaska or melting in the Australian Summer, Mother Nature shows no mercy this time of year. 

Amongst the flooding, snowstorms, electrical storms and heatwaves; it's of upmost importance that you make sure your best friend is prepared for all conditions. 

If you're heading into Summer, here's our pick of suggestions to keep your best friend cool: 
  • Keep the outdoors water bowl topped up every morning and evening. Also have an indoor bowl too;
  • When home, allow them inside to cool off;
  • Use Ice Cubes as a reward (they'll get super excited); and
  • Cool their body temperature by freezing Our Dog Blazers! It works really well and Sassy loves it!

And for those heading into Winter: That's it from us for today! We hope you have an incredible week and may your lead in to Christmas be more than beautiful! 

Lots of Licks!

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