The Art of Congruency

In the world today, we're presented with conflicts and contradiction. Whether they be in your workplace or house, your beliefs or your inner thoughts. 

Do we follow through by our word? 

Do we practice what we preach? 

Do we act in the best interest of both ourselves and our world?

Do we dress as we wish as per our address?   

More often than not, you know how well a man treats his fellow men by the way his dog behaves. You can look into that dog's eyes, and see what kind of life and relationship they share. 

As a member of our family, we believe you have an intimate understanding of this. We believe that you are the highest form of being, leader, and the leg which your family stands upon. 

You are a healthy, joyful, and stylish individual. You are the person who spends every waking hour wanting the best for the world, your family and best friend. 

We know that every moment for you feels right. Your thoughts, your heart, your actions and your environment are all aligned. At this place, you've made it...

And that is the art of congruency. 

As you look forward to the weekend, we hope you spend the quality time with your best friend that he or she deserves. If you see Sassy, our Vizsla, or I over the weekend, please don't hesitate and say hello. We would love to hear from you. 

Treat your best friend like your best friend, and be the congruent owner we know you are.

Owen & Edwin

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