The Pet Grocer - South Melbourne's Quintessential Destination for Dog Lovers

After catching up with Four&Sons Founder, Marta Roca, we ventured out to the store that has been exceeding expectations project after project. 

We often talk about congruency here at Owen & Edwin, and that's because we believe that our inner world is manifested in our environment. When your beliefs, values and actions are aligned; you come from a place of power and can achieve anything in this world. With this in mind, Marta tipped the Pet Grocer to be the number one stop for man's best friend in Melbourne with one of the most beautiful visions within the industry. 

Enter The Pet Grocer, the brainchild of Jason & Janine McIver. It's unbelievably remarkable and we think we couldn't do it justice. However, here's an article that does and we recommend you get out there if you want what's best for your best friend.


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