#thedogworld - We caught up with Four&Sons founder, Marta Roca!

On our recent trip to Melbourne, our simple little Luxury Dog Apparel business were blessed enough to catch up with the darlings of the dog world right now. 

And, if you haven't heard of them, it's time you get ready to sit down and listen. Seriously! 

What if we told you there was a business that was creating a culture magazine which combined the best of art, cafes, music, culture and (of course) dogs? 

Pretty amazing right? Well, enter the world of Four&Sons, where dogs and culture collide.

We were fortunate enough to meet with founder, Marta Roca, last Friday at Fitzroy's Archie's All Day

Marta Roca - Four & Sons founder - Owen & Edwin - Luxury Dog Apparel - LUXURY DOG COAT - DOG BLAZER

This amazing woman is becoming recognised as the juggernaut and curator of good taste in the dog world. It was quite a privilege to meet her, be inspired by her dream to create the funkiest dog magazine on the planet and to sip lattes in Fitzroy! 

If you're looking for the quintessential dog read, looking for your latest luxury dog blazer, dog jacket, dog bowl, or are looking to entertain at the coffee table; this magazine is for you. With collaborators, writers and labels from all over the world; this magazine goes far and beyond your nearest expectations and we can't love her enough for such brilliant execution. 

Get yourself a copy today and treat your best friend like your best friend.

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