We did something a little Doggy Luxury this Valentines Day

Yep, we're cute. 

Like really cute.

Here at Owen & Edwin, we are a bunch of gun dog loving hopeless romantics that get suckered into doing lovely things for the ones we love. Well, that might not be everyone on the team but it's definitely me, Dean the Founder! 

It's funny though, that none of our Valentines cuteness came from our Dog Blazers, Jackets, Products or even our philosophy.

It came from infinite intelligence, a little creativity and a trip to the nearest textiles and fabrics store.

Oh, and did I mention, we kinda borrowed our CEO, Sassy the Vizsla, for the sneaky little surprise I managed to pull off for the Woman in my life (you'll meet her soon enough).

Without further interruptions, here is a direct version of our Facebook Live Video "How to Dominate Valentines Day with Your Dog"

Enjoy guys! Feel free to leave a comment below and have an amazing day!

From the finest Luxury Dog Fashion Brand going around (well....at least we think so anyway ;) )

Love & Licks,
Dean & Sassy the Vizsla

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