Doesn't your best friend say a lot about you?

Wherever you and your best friend go, it's only natural that what people perceive is the truth. 

55% of our communication is non-verbal, and this is why first impressions are critical. Onlookers perceive the emotions, posture, and presentation of you and your best friend. Isn't it funny how we then deduce their life stories?

It's a blessing for us dog fanatics because we know we can tell a lot by the way they behave around their master. Knowing this, you can often deduce a man's approach to life and their own personal style. 

Style is more than the clothes you wear and the car you drive. You cannot buy it, steal it or borrow it. Style is part of your everyday living. In fact, you have been working on your style for your entire adult life.

It's the way you wake up and the way you embrace life. It's the way you greet a stranger and the way you greet your best friend. It's the way you sip your tea and the way you tie your best friend to a post. It's the way your best friend walks alongside you and it's the way you treat them. Remember, you and your best friend share each others style. Perception, more often than not, is truth.

Style is part of your family name, your personal brand, and your best friend's life. Be the best friend to your best friend and your style will trump all. Remember this, because style is a virtue.

Owen & Edwin

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