Make every step count

As the weather cools in the north and begins to thaw in the south, we understand the challenges of being the best friend to your best friend. We encourage you to spend quality time with your Vizsla, German Shorthaired Pointer, Weimaraner, English Pointer, or whatever your best friend may be. 

Vizsla Beach Fashion
As we go on this designer journey together; we wish to introduce you to our world of style, heritage, and leadership. Through integrity, generosity and commitment, we work day in and day out to become the quintessential designers and purveyors of upper-premium apparel for Pointers. 

We know, wholeheartedly, that it's been far too long for our breed to be served effectively. We have been disenchanted by the current and past apparel options on the market; it's been the lack of attention to detail, unethical manufacturing, sub-par beauty or most importantly, the lack of doing good for our hounds.

Thus we formed Owen & Edwin to serve the breed, the owners and as an instrument of self-expression to ensure you and your best friend are as congruent as can be. We ensure that you can step out in public proudly and ethically through the advocacy of our philosophy.

Have a tremendous weekend, friends and family, and we hope that you get out to your favourite spot. Don't be a stranger if you see Sass or I, we couldn't be happier hearing from you and our family. 

Make every step count.

Owen & Edwin


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    Beautiful written Owen and Edwin ?

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