Three & a half things owning a Vizsla says about you

When people ask me what kind of dog do I have, they often have a stab in the dark asking whether Sass is a Weimaraner or a Rhodesian Ridgeback or a Pointer. When this occurs, I used to be offended by the lack of awareness for the breed. However, as I have worn the response over time, I’ve learnt to promote and create awareness for one of the finest dog breeds in the world. 

This, however, has led me to an in-depth exploration of the adage that more often than not that dogs look like their owners. Our selection of dog is entirely congruent with the way we view the world and the lifestyle which we live. 

Let’s face it, your Vizsla is at the heart of your family. Whilst this may the case, your best friend fails to recognise that they are a dog and not a human. He will often think it’s more than acceptable to sleep in the same bed, sit on your couch, and eat happily from the dinner table. They’ll always be at your side, always desiring your love and just cannot wait for their next walk! 

With traits like the above, it really does take a special kind of person to own a Vizsla. Based on the above, what does that say about the typical Vizsla owner?

We came up with the following and we are sure you’ll be able to relate…

One: Exercising is my middle name

With such an appetite for exercise, you are already one of the most active people in your friends and family. Like a perfect coincidence, your best friend accompanies you on every run and bike ride, and this is where some of your best bonding occurs. 

Two: I'm just like my best friend, a people's person

“People!??! Where?!?! Show me more!?!?” More often than not, Vizsla (and Pointer) owners are the most approachable and conversational dog owners. You’re a perpetually happy person willing to talk all things Vizsla! 

Three: Beauty & elegance are my strong points

All Vizsla owners that we have come in contact with are terrific on the eye. Because you live such an active, remarkable, and happy life, your skin and aura is the desire of your friends. You smile often, are dressed nicely and look great wherever you go! As they say, dogs often look like their owners and owners look like their dogs. With sayings like that, who would really choose to look like a pug?

Three & a half: You’re more than likely to have ginger hair all over your clothes

Vizslas, despite their short and low maintenance coats, have a tendency to be stuck to you at all times. If they’re not attached to your leg, they want to be on top, underneath or all around you. Unfortunately, this sort of behaviour results in your favourite sweater and slacks covered in fine ginger hair. But, with such an affectionate and wonderfully natured best friend, you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg, and I’m more than aware of all the craziness that’s possible from having a ginger ninja in the house. I could go on and on and on, however I am more interested in what you all have to say on this subject. 

Are we affectionate or have our Vizsla’s made us more affectionate?

Are Vizsla’s the reason we live an active lifestyle or have we selected the Vizsla based on our lifestyle?

What are your thoughts? Comment below! 

With love,


Owen & Edwin


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