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🍾🍾BREAKING NEWS: You can find us in store, NOW!🍾🍾

This year has been massive for us... And we're only getting started. One of the big announcements we have for you all is that no-longer do you have to wait to receive your Blazers & Treats in the mail. In fact, you can now pick up your favourite Dog Blazer from select retailers across Australia! (That means you can even bring your dog along to see which one she or he likes :) ) Because, if you're anything like us, we love to feel the quality of our products and we want you to know that we are the real deal. Our products, as you would know, are an investment for the lifetime of your best friend (read more about...

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Three & a half things owning a Vizsla says about you

When people ask me what kind of dog do I have, they often have a stab in the dark asking whether Sass is a Weimaraner or a Rhodesian Ridgeback or a Pointer. When this occurs, I used to be offended by the lack of awareness for the breed. However, as I have worn the response over time, I’ve learnt to promote and create awareness for one of the finest dog breeds in the world.  This, however, has led me to an in-depth exploration of the adage that more often than not that dogs look like their owners. Our selection of dog is entirely congruent with the way we view the world and the lifestyle which we live.  Let’s face it,...

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7 Habits of the Highly Effective Dog Owner

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