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🎉 We're in Melbourne Stores! 🍾 Hachi Melbourne NOW STOCKING OWEN & EDWIN

Hey there crazy dog mommas and poppas! We've got exciting news, and your Dog is going to love it.  Melbourne Dogs now have the opportunity to check out our Dog Blazers (which are the Dog Coats which need to be seen to be believed) in more Melbourne retailers than ever before.  Our Australian, Handcrafted Dog Jackets are more than a work of art; and we've poured our blood sweat and tears into delivering the finest Dog products in the world to you guys.  We know Dog Lovers love a touch and feel, and we thought it was more than necessary to have our Dog Blazers in the City which gave birth to us....Melbourne :)  So, next time you're in the...

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🔥 [CONTROVERSIAL] ❄️Should you use your Dog in your dating profile?

  Well, here's an elephant in every room with more than ten people in it... Well, we've been told that anyway.  According to recent research, there are over 54 Million people in the United States who are single and there have been over 49 Million people try online dating in the United States too. That means, in turn, that nearly 1 in 6 people in the states have tried either RSVP, Tinder, Grindrr, Bumble, Plenty of Fish or one of the many apps available to find love. With so many looking for love (and I can speak from personal experience), people will often go to strange lengths to increase the likelihood of success in the online dating world. And besides,...

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📢 [OPINION] - There's no such thing as small dog syndrome 🚨

Like a lot of the dog owners that will read this post, we are loyal medium to big dog people at Owen & Edwin HQ. We love our dogs, not just because of their size, but how they integrate within our active lifestyle. We love their desire to run, there sporting breed good looks, their robustness in the backyard and their more than wonderful temperament.  See, I personally am a big believer that your dog tells you a lot about who you, and the behaviour you both display is a representation of you. So, whenever someone tells me that their small dog has "Small Dog Syndrome", I believe it's not the dog who is to blame. So, let me explain...

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🍾🍾BREAKING NEWS: You can find us in store, NOW!🍾🍾

This year has been massive for us... And we're only getting started. One of the big announcements we have for you all is that no-longer do you have to wait to receive your Blazers & Treats in the mail. In fact, you can now pick up your favourite Dog Blazer from select retailers across Australia! (That means you can even bring your dog along to see which one she or he likes :) ) Because, if you're anything like us, we love to feel the quality of our products and we want you to know that we are the real deal. Our products, as you would know, are an investment for the lifetime of your best friend (read more about...

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🔥 HUDS AND TOKE 🔥 Luxury Dog Treats now available online! 🍩

Here's some exciting news, Owen & Edwin Family! Our good friends, Emma & Russell Gibbons, own a brilliant Sunshine Business called Huds And Toke.  Have you heard of them before? Well, check this out below!  That's right! DOG DONUTS!!!!  (Pst....You can buy them right here) Huds And Toke create Australia's finest dog treats that are made only from the finest natural ingredients Australia-wide.  Each of their treats features the ever-delicious non-melt icing, and have more than a plethora of healthy natural ingredients for the spoilt hound.  Did someone say coconut & strawberry Vovo's? Just like grandmas....but for dogs?! (Pst...You can buy them right here too!) Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many brilliant treats that...

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