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Our Top 3 Tips to Love Your Best Friend This Christmas #festiveseason

Hasn't 2016 been such an incredible year? For some of us, it's been overwhelming. For others, it's been extremely exciting. And, for the rest of us, we finally made it!The festive season is a time for family, for sharing, giving, loving, caring and receiving.It's a time where you let your hair down, reconnect to what matters most, and prepare yourself for the new year ahead. However, in a time of abundance, your best best friend can often be overlooked amongst the busy social calendar and all that surrounds you.We love happy, stylish, and comfortable dogs so we thought we would share with you our Top 3 Tips to Love Your Best Friend This Christmas.So, here they are...  1. Make Time For Walks...

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5 Awesome Beaches For Your Best Friend On The Sunshine Coast

Let's face the facts. As much as we would love for your best friend to be rugged up in his favourite Luxury Dog Blazer from us this Australian Summer, we know that dogs just love Summer.  It's not just because of the heat. In fact, they normally don't like it at all. And, luckily for us, Pointers are known to cope quite well in the Australian heat due to their shorter haired coats.  Dogs, as we know, all love the Beach! Is it the surf? The rock pools? The opportunity to sniff another dogs bits? Or the endless amount of holes you can dig and the dunes you can race around on? Who really knows anyway!  Now, our dear friends...

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#O&EStories - The Sydney Blazer - Where the City meets the Surf

Little over 240 years ago, Captain James Cook first landed on the southern bank of Botany Bay in a land that would become Australia. In 1778 north of the landing site, the British developed the first penal colony in Australia and named her Sydney. Then, in 1842, she became the pearl of the great southern land, being labelled Australia’s first city. Her colourful past has included a gold rush, severe depression and she was under attack in World War II by enemy forces. She is also the home of Australia most famous landmarks; The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. In her short yet lively history, Sydney and her lifestyle have left millions awe inspired and envious as...

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#O&EStories - The Rome Blazer - We are totally INSPIRED by.....

With a history richer than anywhere else, Rome is like no other city. She’s been founded on myths, ruled by monarchies, republics and emperors, and is home to some the most remarkable ancient architecture in the world.  She’s more remarkable than numerous fountains, spires and colosseums however! She is the capital of the land of all things fine, tasty and performance. With her often confused streetscape, you see the myriads of motorists driving in perfect chaos to reach their most desired destinations. However, out of necessity, the Italians developed the Vespa Scooter which has gone on to become the pinnacle of both Italian versatility and style.  When we visited Rome, we were blown away by the Vespa’s elegant lines both...

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#OandEStories - The Melbourne Blazer - Essential for your city-chic best friend

What is it about Melbourne that makes her the most liveable city in the world? Is it her rich culture? Her diversity and heritage? Her character-rich trams or the beautiful Yarra River? Or is it her fragrance of espresso and remarkable food wherever you go?  As legend has it, Melbourne is world renowned for having four seasons in a day. In Melbourne we often are greeted with damp, sombre mornings then are introduced to glorious sunshine and heat by morning tea. Come afternoon, the southerly breeze and cloud cover can force even the most resilient to their wood fires. And by the time the sun begins to fall, we depart the day with the sweet cool air and the most picturesque of sunsets.  Whilst enduring such...

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