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#OandEStories - The London Blazer - The Story behind the Iconic Luxury Dog Blazer

London, a city that never sleeps. She is at the heart of British royalty, a museum of monuments, and she just oozes with dapper style like no other city in the world. She has been at the heart of countless Bond Films, and her heritage has stretched far beyond the days of Fred Astaire.  In the words of George Gershwin, a foggy day in London town can have even the happiest soul a little down and dreary. Through the pea soup fog, we have decided to capture the intimately British style heralding from both preparatory schools and British designers to give all owners something to smile about. From the land of corduroy and tweed, we have handcrafted an extremely limited...

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The Pet Grocer - South Melbourne's Quintessential Destination for Dog Lovers

After catching up with Four&Sons Founder, Marta Roca, we ventured out to the store that has been exceeding expectations project after project.  We often talk about congruency here at Owen & Edwin, and that's because we believe that our inner world is manifested in our environment. When your beliefs, values and actions are aligned; you come from a place of power and can achieve anything in this world. With this in mind, Marta tipped the Pet Grocer to be the number one stop for man's best friend in Melbourne with one of the most beautiful visions within the industry.  Enter The Pet Grocer, the brainchild of Jason & Janine McIver. It's unbelievably remarkable and we think we couldn't do it...

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#thedogworld - We caught up with Four&Sons founder, Marta Roca!

On our recent trip to Melbourne, our simple little Luxury Dog Apparel business were blessed enough to catch up with the darlings of the dog world right now.  And, if you haven't heard of them, it's time you get ready to sit down and listen. Seriously!  What if we told you there was a business that was creating a culture magazine which combined the best of art, cafes, music, culture and (of course) dogs?  Pretty amazing right? Well, enter the world of Four&Sons, where dogs and culture collide. We were fortunate enough to meet with founder, Marta Roca, last Friday at Fitzroy's Archie's All Day.  This amazing woman is becoming recognised as the juggernaut and curator of good taste in the dog world....

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#tastetesting - Huds And Toke Dog Treats

One of the things that we love about our business is that man's best friend truly brings people of all walks of life together within a single industry. Our industry brings together craftspeople, designers, vets, distributors, salespeople, engineers, and people escaping their corporate life to spend more time with their best friend.  There is one business, which we would love to mention, that truly caught our attention which is also based on the Sunshine Coast. Best of all, this quirky yet tasty business was put through it's paces by Sassy the Vizsla and Lily the Boxer!  #Tastetesting - Huds And Toke Dog Treats We stepped away from our usual duties of creating the finest luxury dog apparel in the world (Sassy...

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Bravo, Sydney, you are wonderful!

As many of you may be aware, Owen & Edwin’s headquarters is based on the lovely Sunshine Coast of Australia. With beaches, cafes and perfect outdoor activity weather for you and your best friend.  Whilst you don't often associate luxury dog products, luxury dog jackets, luxury dog blazers or anything luxury dog with the Sunshine Coast; we are so inspired by our influences across the world. It might just be the happiest place in Australia, and with an environment like ours it's often hard to think what the rest of Australia is like. Luckily, curiosity got the better of us and we went on a mighty excursion to see the who’s who of the dog world.  We have a favourite little birdie...

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